Monday, September 5, 2016

A Woman's Perspective: Gentlemen, Spruce Up Your Profiles!

By Gini (site member)

I've noticed a distinct lack of descriptions on a lot of members' pages.  The second thing I look at after I look at a photo of the member is his "More about me" narrative.  If a man doesn't put anything in that space, I am much more likely to not look twice at him, no matter how nice looking he is.  And I found that many men leave that space blank.

At first I was very discouraged, but it got me to thinking: many men don't know how to describe themselves.  Maybe they don't know how.  Maybe they're too shy or modest.  Or maybe they just don't know what to say. 

So I have a suggestion for those verbally challenged men out there: put it in a random question list format.  They're easy, they're fun and, most importantly, they tell us a lot about the other person in a non-threatening, easy-to-understand way.  

For example, here's an easy list I created:
  • My favorite place to spend time: Under water
  • My favorite body part on the opposite sex: His mouth
  • My favorite food: Lasagna
  • My favorite pet is: A really big, goofy dog
  • My funny talent or trait that's not immediately apparent to others: I can hold a pen with my toes and write with it
  • The last time I got really embarrassed: When I got a case of inappropriate, unstoppable giggles during a very serious meeting.
  • Right now I am wearing: Sweats and Crocs
  • The last article of clothing I purchased was:  A bra
  • My inner freak: Hides by day but flies a big freak flag on occasion
  • My thoughts on perfume or cologne: I like it in small quantities, but not when it's overpowering.
You get the idea.  It's so easy to let people learn about you this way.  You don't even have to think up your own questions.  There are numerous places on the internet with these types of questions.  Just do a search for "random questions."

So gentlemen, go find some questions and let us know more about you!

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