Monday, October 10, 2016

3 Things Not To Eat on a First Date

By Avery Williamson

So you’ve met someone here on the TangoWire network, and you’re about to meet for your first date. You’ve picked out a nice restaurant…nothing too fancy, nothing too cheap…and you’re on your way out the door. You look great, you’re confident, and you’ve thought of every detail. Fantastic!

But when you sit down and look at the menu, there’s still something you should keep in mind: what NOT to order. After all, you are still trying to impress your date. And nothing says “bad impression” like a shirt or blouse covered with soup stains.

So, think twice before you order:


As a rule, most any pasta with noodles is a no-go. Do you really want your date to see you looking like an anteater as you slurp up fettuccine?  Of course not. So skip the spaghetti, angel hair, and vermicelli and go for the ravioli instead. Your date won't be watching you wipe sauce off your face every thirty seconds, and you won't have to send your clothes to the cleaners, either.

Finger Food

Try to avoid any food that’s normally eaten with your hands, especially fried chicken, ribs, or anything else that comes with bones. At home, you might be perfectly content to pick up that chicken leg and gnaw away, but in a nice restaurant with someone you’re trying to impress? Bad idea.  A big, juicy hamburger? No. Grease running down your hands isn't sexy, and using a knife and fork to eat a burger might make you appear uptight, fussy, or downright silly.

Anything spicy

Unless you’ve challenged each other to a jalapeño eating contest, stay away from overly spicy foods on your first date. That means no Thai, Indian, or South American cuisine. 

Just imagine looking over the table at your date, thinking to yourself, “This is going really well! I’m being charming, I look nice, and OH GOOD LORD MY FACE IS ON FIRE!” Your date looks at you with concern (and a little disgust) as your eyes well up with tears, your nose begins to run, and you blindly grasp for any liquid within arm’s reach to put out the inferno.

....This is just the tip of the iceberg, of course. We could list tons more, but we'll leave it up to your imagination or personal experience. 

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