Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Six Things NOT To Do On A First Date!

Please welcome back guest blogger Heidi as she shares her personal insight on first-date faux pas...

This applies to both men and women. I’m not taking sides this time, but I do think there is some etiquette that should be followed when first meeting someone.

1. Typically when you first meet someone, the date or get-together isn’t that long, so do you really need to bring your cell phone with you?  Unless you have small children at home with a babysitter, leave the phone in your car or turn off the volume and do not take calls during your date. This time was set aside to meet someone new that could potentially be that special someone, so don’t blow it by taking a phone call at the table.  If you feel you must check your phone for whatever reason, go to the restroom to do so.
Nothing is worse than your date taking a phone call while they are with you.  I had a man literally take a call from another woman, excuse himself from the table and then explain to me why he did it. Do I want a relationship with this man?? No.

2. If you are on psychotropic medication for depression, being bi-polar, etc….this is not the time or the place to be exposing that information.  You may never see this person again, so that type of personal information needs to be a topic for later.

3. Don’t talk about your ex on your first date unless your date asks you about it.  And if that happens, be as brief as possible. The past is the past and it no longer exists, so let’s try and stay in the now and look forward to happy, positive things...such as moving forward in life with a new person.

4. Stay away from the topic of sex on a first date.  You want to get to know this person and if there is chemistry, you will know it and move forward appropriately on future dates. Personally, I don't think you should ever have sex on the first date, but I know people who disagree and have even done so and are still happily together, but I don’t think that is the norm.

5. Don’t lie to the other person.  If you are asked a question you don’t feel comfortable discussing, let your date know that it's a personal matter, or simply ask them why it's important for them to know that information? Some things are better left unsaid.

6. Don’t get drunk on a first date.  I know we all are a bit nervous on a first date, but drinking too much is a really bad idea. This has been my biggest issue in meeting men.  Since my divorce, I have not been on all that many dates but 3 out of the 5, the men got really drunk and it was such a turn off to me.  Also alcohol will cause you to be more open about things you might not always want to share. And alcohol can make you overly silly (or in some cases meaner) than you really are.  It also sways your ability to make the right decisions for yourself. It’s never a good idea to drink too much on a first date.

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